Imported From Greece

Greek Islands is proud to import its own extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheeses, seafood, olives, herbs, and spices directly from Greece. We only use healthy, natural, and fresh ingredients in our cooking. Read about our featured ingredients below, each with its own part in creating authentic Greek cuisine.

Genuine Greek Feta

Our feta is authentic, coming straight from the villages of Greece. This salty and moderately flavored cheese with such a distinctive flavor and texture helps to elevate our dishes to the next level. Dishes that include feta are either cooked until melted or are crumbled as a topping. It is a crucial part of our Tirokafteri, Spanakotiropita, and Spinach Cheese Pies along with topping many other dishes.

Coniferous Honey

The temperate climate of Greece supports a rich environment for honeybees creating an exceptional honey taste you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Much mass-produced honey has very low natural content and is mixed with other ingredients, so we order it straight from the source to ensure authentic flavor.

9 Tons of Lima Beans a Year

Lima Beans are a notable part of Greek cuisine and we ship over 9 tons of lima beans for use in our menu each year. Gigante beans, grown in the northern parts of Greece bordering Macedonia, are known for their large size and are popular in soups or baked as an appetizer. Try a plate of our Hot Lima Beans today.

Fine Olives

We use only the finest olives from Greece delivering the smooth, meaty and delicious texture that perfectly accents a dish. Olives and olive oil are used in most of our dishes and are shipped fresh to the restaurant. Southern Greece’s peninsula, Peloponnese, is home to Kalamata olives and many other varieties.

40 Tons of Olive Oil a Year

Pure Olive Oil delivers a flavor unlike any other. Extra virgin olive oil is often diluted in restaurants to save on cost, but we utilize the finest the Mediterranean has to offer. Extra virgin is the highest grade of extracted oil, and makes for great cooking.

Authentic Greek Wine

Our extensive wine list features beautiful reds and whites from Monemvassia, a municipality on the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece. There are hundreds of grape varieties indigenous to the country, and winemaking is a tradition to the southern peninsula especially. Choose from our carefully selected menu today.

Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea infused from dried flowers from the mountains of Greece. It is known for its amazing taste and health benefits. Mountain tea is very popular throughout all of the Mediterranean and is now a staple for food lovers in Chicago as well. Try it yourself!

Hand-Picked Oregano

Greek Oregano is known for being the best oregano in the world, growing wild along the mountainsides throughout the country. The plant is native only to the Mediterranean region and is dried to enhance its flavors. Our hand-picked oregano gives our dishes the most aromatic taste, coming straight from the land itself.

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