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Since 1971, we strive to adhere to our founding principles of great food, great service, and great value.

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Home made sausage sautéed with onions, peppers, tomato red wine with extra virgin olive oil. served with rice, or briami.

Lamb Hasapa

Colorado braised lamb in a tomato sauce topped with onions, potatoes, and feta cheese.

Stuffed Tomato & Pepper

Filled with sautéed ground meat, herbs, rice, cheese and pine nuts served with potato.

Baked Lamb Riblets

Small Colorado lamb riblets, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, lemon. Served with rice, potatoes, or briami.

Shrimp Shish-Ke-Bob

Broiled wild shrimp with fresh vegetables choice of rice and potato or mixed vegetables.

Stuffed Green Peppers or Tomatoes

Stuffed with ground meat and rice served with potato.

Spartan Chicken

Baked drumsticks and thighs in extra virgin olive oil and lemon choice of rice and potato or mixed vegetables.

Bakalao Spetsiota

Baked Islantic cod fish with onions, bay leaves and garlic in a tomato - vegetable sauce with choice of rice and potato or mixed vegetables.

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Authentic Ingredients

Greek Islands is proud to import its own extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheeses, seafood, olives, herbs and spices directly from Greece. We only use healthy, natural and fresh ingredients in our cooking.

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Welcome Home

A group of friends realized the American dream that many immigrants had — they opened their own business after many years of hard work. From humble beginnings they grew their business into the most popular Greek restaurant in the United States.

Our goal remains to make it feel like home when you walk through our doors. We look forward to treating you like family!


200 S Halsted Chicago, IL. 60661
(Sundays 11 am -11pm):  Mondays thru Thursdays 11am - 11:30pm
Fridays, Saturdays:  11am -midnight

Phone: (312) 782-9855
Fax: (312) 454-0937

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300 E 22nd St. Lombard, IL. 60148
Sundays - Thursdays:  11am - 10pm
Fridays, Saturdays:  11am - 11pm

Phone: (630) 932-4545
Fax: (630) 932-4567

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